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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dallen and Andrea, Boise Idaho Wedding Photography, Boise Idaho Temple Wedding Photography, Southern Idaho Wedding Photography, Nampa, Idaho Wedding Photography (808) 357-2789,

We had a particularly beautiful fall in South Western Idaho.  Having just returned home from living in Hawaii for almost 25 years, it was incredible to get to enjoy that.   The weather turned off cold, and we thought we we had missed our window for gorgeous weather, but one more day provided us the images you see in this blog.  The morning started out cold and windy.  Andrea had brought images that she wanted to use as inspiration, and I knew we were going to capture that and then some, as I watched the Cyrus clouds build up in the sky.  These two are high school sweethearts, perfect for one another in every way. I wish them a long and happy life together, with many beautiful seasons ahead of them.

Monday, January 2, 2017

O. Fall Family Photo Shoot, Lake Lowell Family Photo Shoot, Boise, Nampa, Idaho, Southern Idaho Family Photo Shoot (808) 357-2789,

We had the most beautiful fall in South Western Idaho.  Having just moved back from Hawaii, it was the first one I'd really gotten to enjoy Autumn for almost 25 years.  I don't remember one being this lovely, or maybe it is just that I've moved into a really pretty part of Southern Idaho, out in the rolling farm lands of Kuna.  We took these family photographs out at Lake Lowell, in Nampa.  If you would like to take family photos with us, please contact me at (808) 357-2789 and we will be happy to set up a photography session time with you.  We help you coordinate everything.  Just give us a call.

Jared, Senior Portrait Photography, Boise, Nampa, Idaho, Kathryn Albertson Park Portrait Photography (808) 357-2789,

We had a gorgeous day for portraits at Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise, Idaho.  The fall leaves are amazing in the Boise area, and they make a beautiful backdrop.  Kathryn Albertson park has so many amazing backdrops that lend themselves well to portrait photography.  If you live in Southern Idaho and would like to join me on a Senior Portrait Photo Session, please contact me at (808) 357-2789.  We will find the perfect setting to capture your memories.