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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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Brenna's senior photo shoot was shot at our indoor/outdoor photo studio, between Melba and Kuna in South Nampa.  If you are in the class of 2018 and 2019, we would love to meet you.  Give us a call at (808) 357-2789.  Come see what makes us special, learn about how my extensive photography background shooting in various locations around the world can help you obtain amazing senior portraits.  I am not a "natural light" photographer.  I use many sources to light you in the best possible way, so your images look natural.  Come hang out with me in a free consultation, and I'll explain to you why that is so important.  Want sunset shots.  I do that.  Want to showcase yourself in some of Idaho's amazing beauty?  I know how to do that also, because of my extensive training in locales around the world.  Are you fair complected, light complected, dark complected?  I am a photographer who understands what that means, how to light for your best complexion and showcase your natural beauty.  These things are all important when choosing a senior portrait photographer.  You want someone who is well versed in all the variables that will effect your images.  Your senior portraits happen once in a lifetime.  Join us and see how we can make the experience fun and easy, so that you feel like a model the entire time.

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